March 20, 2011


I'm going to Boston on Spring Break! I will be there April 17-19 so I will not be  posting then. I will take some pictures and post them. I am going to American Girl Place so I will be taking Lanie and Sierra!


March 13, 2011

News Channel!

Hi guys!
 I made a news blog! Click here to go to the post. Sorry, you cant get there from youtube. = (
On my news blog, you can read updates, and post requests!
 Hope you enjoy! = )


You can see on a later post that It was deleted.

New videos

On youtube, new video's coming up are:

* Lanie's Wildlife
* Ag dolls House

I figured out how to make a video on youcam (my editing system) and I have uploaded "the crazy  magical day" from it. I might have to re-upload it though... My webcam makes a wierd noise witch goes into my videos so it is hard to hear. I have a camcorder, but I need to fix it, because Once I make 1 video, It says "Memory full" I have been using my webcam and my parents kodak C195. As soon as I get my Camcorder fixed, I will make a video of my Ag dolls House... And some videos I'm not going to reveal in My blog...


March 12, 2011

First Post

Thank you for reading my blog. This is really just for updates for youtube, American girl............. etc. You should really check out some videos by Girloftheyearstudios and Basilmentos on American girl.

Jackie Evancho's Youtube!